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...continued In search of the paradise land ... Part 7... by Tony Knight

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The paradise Shamballa, or exoteric 'Shangri-la' version, is of the uppermost importance to the Tibetans and it is significant that many people have searched for this pure land and have not found anything despite countless journeys, however we know it exists through the few documented souls who have made it through. Few make it because in the Legend of Shamballa it says that only those who hear the 'call' (i.e ready for the jump into the 5 th dimension or world) can enter, and you must have completed various soul initiations and be at a certain level of consciousness, purity of intent and heart/mind to actually hear the call. This way no one gets hurt and we all learn in a proper order dependant on where we are at in our soul development. The call is "KALAGIYA". To most this does not mean a thing, but as time rolls on many will know, as it is human destiny that we again enter the halls of records and sacred temples where man/women will walk as masters/Godesses in the paradise land called EARTH!

by Tony Knight
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