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...continued In search of the paradise land ... Part 7... by Tony Knight

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Much of my focus on Shamballa has, to date, been on the esoteric, viewpoint, as portrayed by the Masters through Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and other early Theosophists. Their idea is that Shamballa, as a "City of Light ", now resides in the Etheric plane of Earth, which acts as a vital link between Earth and the incoming cosmic energy rays from the universe. Also it is the 'home' of many Masters and Beings of Light and a place of education, meditation and prayer for all souls connected to this beautiful planet of ours. Shamballa is a metaphor for the highest 'state of consciousness' to which we can elevate ourselves as we purify all our bodies and access the inner chambers of our spiritual hearts and higher minds. The Shangri-la or 'Kingdom of Shamballa' paradise is like an Earthly counterpart to this 'God consciousness' and an important symbol, or model of how the world can live in true peace, love and abundance.

We know that Shamballa, as the Etheric 'City of Light' did in fact exist upon the physical realm of earth, in the Gobi desert region of Mongolia, for many millions of years, in between destructions and re-buildings, until approx 60,000 years ago when it 'ascended' to where it could no longer be destroyed. Since this cataclysmic event there has been various great periods or epochs on Earth, such as the celebrated Lemuria and Atlantis, which I believe were founded by great masters from Shamballa and created on the basis of the timeless teachings and the universal laws of creation. Each time the Earth goes through another major time cycle of 13,000 years there is a huge upheaval or cataclysm, which spawns the beginning of the next 'Golden age' and the highly developed souls from previous 'glory days' are sent forth as builders and seed-sower's for the next upward cycle to complete the 26,000 year cycle. This just happens to coincide with the completion of our zodiacal orbit around our Great Central Sun. Rather than seeing these cataclysms as a "disaster", they are in fact in keeping with the divine Plan as they act as an evolutionary 'booster' for the next Age, each one building on the last. Now we have come to that stage in our Earths evolution where we are at "The End Times", with the present cycle of 26,000 years due to end in 2012 as predicted by the Mayan Indians and many other prophesies.
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