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...continued In search of the paradise land ... Part 7... by Tony Knight

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Tibet has long been a country of mystery and wonder, with its colourful history of Lamas and monastic way of life and the high Himalayan peaks, we can draw an analogy with us scaling our own mountains of spiritual attainment and journeying into an 'unknown' landscape. Tibet has long been a 'keeper of the ancient wisdom' and while its borders were sealed this vital information could be safeguarded until the time was ripe to reveal all to the masses. This is now in full swing as we see the Dalai Lama and many other Lamas circling the globe teaching their simple, yet profound philosophies of compassion, peace and non-violence. The Dalai Lama and many other enlightened masters are the change we are seeking to become , as they live by example, and it is our destiny to realise we ARE all ONE. It also makes sense to me that certain souls in Tibet have full awareness of Shamballa both in the esoteric and exoteric ways. They have the Kalachakra mandala which depicts the initiation of the "journey through the wheel of time"..and the destination? Shamballa! The Kalachakra Tantra belongs to the highest level of Mahayana Buddhist teachings and a young man named Tsi-lu-pa who claimed to come from the Kingdom of Shamballa originally brought it to India .

It was then introduced to Tibet in 1026AD. The Tibetans also have a mandala which depicts The Kingdom of Shamballa, which shows a 'Lama or wise one' in his temple in the centre of a wheel with snow capped mountains forming the outer wheel and spokes, with rows of houses and other temples in between. Below the wheel are the human masses, trying to access Shamballa, and above in the clouds is Buddha and Kali goddess over-lighting everything and everyone. Buddha is now the 'head' of Shamballa and when you look at all the evidence, it is obvious that the Tibetans have preserved all the original wisdom from when Shamballa resided on Earth in Mongolia . The 'Shangri-la' paradise in Tibet is vibrating at a higher rate than Earth (i.e the 5 th dimension) and is an adaptation of the true etheric Shamballa. The legend states that the hidden land of Shamballa lies within 8 snow capped mountain ranges which resemble the 8-fold petals of a lotus. (which is in the centre of the Kalachakra mandala). At the heart of Shamballa is a mountain shaped like a 4 sided pyramid so as to resemble a 3-dimensional mandala.

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