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...continued In search of the paradise land ... Part 7... by Tony Knight

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Thus various civilisations have flourished and 'fallen', in between the great Lemurian and Atlantian periods, such as the Egyptian, Tibetan, Mayan and Incan empires and many others, however through each 'fall', the true knowledge, the "language of Light" is preserved. This is done through our genetic coding and our DNA, a shimmering waveform configuration which can be modified by Light, radiation, magnetic fields and the cosmic rays. It is believed DNA came from the stars and is destined to return, with us as divine humans, so that we may "walk among the Stars" once again. I think it is important to state that all our ancestors are in fact 'us then' and we are the keepers of the wisdom sowing the seeds for the next evolutionary phase, which is unprecedented in Earths history. We are entering a time of 'no time' where quantum physics meets spirituality taking us humans upward on the Fibonacci spiral home on the 'fast highway to God'.

I believe where Shamballa fits into this bigger picture is that it is primary to Earth, it was and still IS the direct source of all true wisdom and God consciousness for humans. It was the place of true education for our souls, during its legendary time on this physical planet and now that it's 'above' Earth, also serving the multi functions as generator, moderator, transmitter, transmuter of ALL universal and God energies, so that we may integrate these and realise who we truly are and why we are here. We are the 'God's in embryo' waking up to our role in this divine dream play, becoming conscious as light beings to enable the divine Plan to be effectively carried out. Deep within our hearts and cellular memory's there is a vision of "thy pure land" and as we dream of finding paradise on Earth, we are also connecting with our ancient memories of when we were there! We have all reached enlightenment before and we are now here again to re-member ourselves. Enlightenment is the most natural thing to be and it is simplicity and joy itself!

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