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In search of the paradise land..Part 7.by Tony Knight

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The way appears but fleetingly,
The vision lasts not long,
But lifetimes lived in time,
Are as ashes to this flame,
O dreamed of Shamballa,
I come to thy pure land.

For many people the term Shamballa, (commonly known in the west as Shangri-la) conjures up images of a paradise land, a mythical, magical place of lushness, beauty and ancient temples where only peace is known and the people remain almost eternally youthful and healthy. This land has often been thought of as existing deep within the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet , and with good reason as there is a huge volume of evidence available. There continues to this day to be much mystery surrounding the concept of Shamballa and I have made it part of my mission in life to try and decipher the fact from the fiction and somehow reveal the truth, in a down to Earth practical way, as I believe Shamballa to be a central 'key' to our souls' evolution, however we must first understand, before we can apply any knowledge.

The term Shamballa means many things on many levels of understanding and we must not get fixated upon the concept of Shamballa as just a place 'out there' that we are 'searching' for, as we could become attached to just another external illusion. However, in saying that, I firmly believe many of the legends and stories about the 'Shangri-la' paradise are based on fact and there lies hidden in the myths vital pieces of information, which would forever alter our view of our Selves and the world as we know it.

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