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  • the diamond light of unconditional love. With this comes absolute personal power, harmony and freedom.
  • a way of being and living. As taught by the old Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is the way of living our lives as the Spiritual Warrior. This means living consciously and with gentle loving discipline for ourselves.
  • a place in time and space that you could call a city of perfection, a place where all is LOVE, harmony and balance. It exists on all levels and is said to have existed in the mountains of Tibet.
  • where we can find all the rays of Creation, all the primordial energies which have been incarnated in those beings we have called the Ascended Masters.
  • the will and wisdom that enables God's plan to unfold on earth and thus experience ourselves as greater beings of LOVE.

This workshop integrates you into all 13 dimensional vibrations of Shamballa's pure diamond light and love. Christine brings in the energies of Shamballa in 13 separate attunements, one for each dimension. It is a process that enables the participants to feel and experience the Shamballa Love that they hold on each dimensional level.

It is an awakening into the multi-dimensional self.

To hold these energies a clearing and activation of D.N.A . is needed. The attunement often opens people up as channels. These are very powerful energies first brought to the earth by St Germain through Hari Baba Melchizedek in May 2000. Christina adds to these energies the gentle LOVE of the Angelic kingdom.

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