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I have been teaching this workshop for 5 years, but when, for the first time, Kevin and I facilitated the workshop together in Austin , Texas in October 2005, it was absolutely taken to a new level.

Prior to that date the Shamballa energy and teaching had been of Solar Consciousness. This means that it was overlighted and held by our beloved Ascended Masters.

During this workshop in Texas the initiations and attunements were not given by Kevin and I and as the teacher through The Ascended Masters, but through the Higher Galactic councils and the Angelic Realms.

It was an amazing initiation for us as well as the group, and has taken us over 2 months to integrate the energies.

At this workshop in Texas the "Enlightenment" of Shamballa, it's Unconditional Love essence was given at Galactic and Universal levels. Our guidance is that this energy had not touched Earth since the pure early times of Atlantis.

The following is a channelling from the Galactic Council of Light on Orion some 6 weeks after the workshop.

Channelling from the Galactic Masters Of Orion - Sept 06

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