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There has always been a tradition on the Earth of Spiritual Teachers of great Wisdom and Power, who at certain times in the history of the Earth and Humanity, have appeared to lead the world into the possibility of a new age of joy and prosperity.

Each of these Masters emerge from a Conclave of Light and Wisdom. Many have spoken about this place as being in the Himalayas or in the etheric above the Gobi desert. All of these legends holds an aspect of the true, for this centre of Wisdom and Knowledge permeates everywhere on the Earth.

Don't we see or experience it, this collective consciousness which holds the 'blue print' for an empowerment through Love and Wisdom?

The key of admittance to this place is within your very heart, it is encoded into your DNA so that at the precise moment in your life that you need guidance, that you call out for meaning in your life, the key turns and the Light starts to flood into your being.

A cry has gone out from your heart and you reading this is the response. In this workshop the Wisdom of all the Masters of Humanity is available to you; they are but a breath away. Never before, in the history of Humanity on Earth, has this place been available as it is today. We are all growing up, we are coming of age and embracing who we truly are, we are seeking this connection as never before to that magical place --


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