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Throughout the whole of time, Man's search has been for what has been described as Enlightenment, or Nirvana.

The qualities of this has have been described, in essence as "being in the now", "living with out desire", "living simply "etc. These qualities have been seen as the kernel of Spiritual Truth, the goal towards which all Spiritual paths essential lead.

The philosophy which most embodies these principals is Buddhism, especially Zen, It is not though, that Shamballa is part of Buddhism, it is rather that Buddhism has most accurately expressed and embraced an understanding of the nature of Shamballa.

Shamballa cannot be described in words.

If you were to sit still for a moment, and in that moment there was to explode an eternity of absolute stillness, a point of purity, an infinite absoluteness, a void of omnipotence, the indescribable essence of that space is Shamballa.

It is Nothing; and the birth in that moment of Everything. It has no past, no future, no history, no cause, no outcome, no anticipation, no agenda, no wish, and no result. It is the indefinable. That we call Bliss; it is All.

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