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"For heaven's sake stop"

Have you done workshops and personal sessions to clear the stuff of your childhood?. Done further work to clear past lives, and yet more to activating and clear your DNA, and then there is cellular memory, you need to clear that as well. For heavens sake it's time to stop. Had you not seen that this process is never ending? So at what point are you going to give up? I can tell you that you will never be satisfied. There will always be something else to clear. So please stop it now. So what do I do? we hear you asking. You do the opposite. Call home to your heart that hurt child, that past life self, and as you do this and embrace, called in, Not Clear, all parts of yourself with Unconditional Love, you will suddenly find that you are complete. It is over. You are ONE with the Divine, one with your self. It's easy. It works.

So what do I do when stuff comes up and the situation partner or friend triggers stuff in me? As you become less identify with the ego personality and find yourself more and more in the place of the Observer, you simply watching it, love it, embrace it, and respond from the place of the observer, Not out of the stuff. It is an erroneous belief to think that you can clear the ego or the personality. It is impossible to be in your physical bodies with brains in your heads and not have an ego personality self. But you have the choice as to whether to act and live from that ego personality self, or from the higher self. It is that choice that this workshop makes possible. It will revolutionise your life, your relationships, and the way you respond to everything around you. It is the invitation to be free, and to step beyond the day-to-day mundane emotional soup.

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