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I am so much more relaxed about things, life, and who I am and I love it !  I love being me.  I do not worry and if something comes my way I do what I need to do and get through it, so that I am ready for the next thing.  My reading has improved so much, a lot in fact, and then my vocabulary and righting skills are improving a lot, that hardly anything that might have been missed spelled before, is no longer and is now right.  And my maths too!  I can do maths in my unconscious mind so quick at times and it goes through the path with in me and to my fingers and on paper.  That when I do my calculations on the calculator just to make sure, I all ready know before it is done that it is correct.  

I have always been aware of something more is out there to learn, and always want to know more.  Now I have all of the right tools in place and the unconditional love, to ask for something and bring my desires to in the now and see what happens and what manifests.

I am able to make a unconscious decision, knowing perfectly well that this is the right thing to do, or say and I stick with it, even though a part of me does not want to - I am just going with the flow and doing what needs to be done and keeping all of the parts of me together and going strong. 

There is no need for traumatic, chaotic events and or drama to happen.  Just by walking in the light will bring myself to freedom, unconditional love and in the moment, relaxation.  Freedom from fear, freedom from disease, and freedom from death.

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