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At the age of 26 I started a in-depth healing path for myself, counselling and really telling myself that I can learn what it takes for me to do
something and ask for help when needed, so that when the day came for me to be off of the Ritalin I could do it.  Then about ten years had passed and I took a Angelic Reiki class - that just blew me away with such amazement and then I really started to say to myself, ok that is how, that makes sense - my eyes were a little more open at this time.  I strongly felt that after the class that it was time for me to get off of the Ritalin and because every time I would ask the Angels ( should I be on this medicine anymore, I would always here no) and so I agreed.

I began opening up more to who I am and know that I can focus on my own and with help of my prayers and Angels.  The more I was on the road fwd to healing, the better I felt and the better things started to be for me and my life, and I started to notice things about me and my life and then started noticing things that people would say that some how I did not notice before - it felt good, and the more I started to feel relaxed about myself, life and I truly loved me for who I am.

After taking the Shamballa class, my unconscious mind, my heart, Sprit, and my eyes are truly wide open for the first time and it feels so good.  I feel as one with the universe and one with myself.  I feel the unconditional love that is out there. 

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