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Wow!, What a breathtaking class.  Going through the class and all of the attunements was just what I needed. Just what the Planet ordered for me and everyone else at this time, and at the right time in my life where I received and learn that all was already with in myself, but now fully connected to my unconscious mind and truly one with the universe. 
To be connected to the unconscious part of myself and the Galactic Universe is such a honour and true gift of being one with all. 

I can start off with telling you a little before in the middle and now, so that you will have a better understanding of my journey.

It was very hard for me in school after kindergarten and all the way up to high school.  The dr. and councillors said that I had ADD, but no medicine was administered at that time, my parents did not want that. Then after a few years had passed and I graduated high school, I took a test and started taking Ritalin in 1995.

I used to always day dream, or be in fantasy land and very easily distracted and teachers would get so mad at me rolling my eyes because I was board.  I was always day dreaming about some other big place that I knew was out there and I was always flying.  One teacher even had the nerve to call me dumb and said that I would never graduate high school.  Yes, I believed what she said to me for so many years and then when it came time for me to graduate high school  Wow !!  I was so proud of myself and proved to myself and to her that I did it.

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