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Q. What is the role of Shamballa in the work that Christine and Kevin have to do?

Edwin Courtenay's answer on Shamballa - July 2005

Limitations which have been in place, limitations which echo those which were so selfishly employed by the Atlantian must now be be removed. This new form, this liberated and evolved, truer expression of Shamballa Energy must grow.

Shamballa is the multi - dimensions element to the work which you do. It enables people's consciousness not only to become empowered, not only to recognise their Divinity, but also to recognise their commonality, to become linked to the Whole. It repairs the damaged structure of the web. It weaves people's consciousness back into the whole. It aligns them, through the grace of the Seraphim and the Cherubim, to come back into the Divine and all of Mankind and all of the Higher Spiritual powers that exist.

The system that you also work with, the Angelic Reiki, is the tree trunk and the roots that allows the higher powers to be draw down into the Physical plane, and anchored into this World so that Mankind can survive and grow beyond that which they were. The Shamballic energy is the branches of the tree that enables greater communion and connection to exist to all other life forms and consciousness, to the Sun and the Air and the Water. It (Shamballa) connects the tree to all other trees from the higher perspective, where as the Angelic Reiki links the tree to forces of energy and consciousness below, completing the cosmic cycle. They are two ends of the scale, they are reflections of each other, power and knowledge, wisdom and application, they are the balance of the elements co joined as one.

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