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Conclusion by Christine

At last, all the pieces have come together. The Angelic Reiki is a Healing method that connects us to our Divinity; the Merkabah, a personal practice to expand consciousness and embrace ourselves as Divine Creators and Shamballa, the knowledge of how in a practical way to experience heaven on earth in our every day lives. Shamballa brings through the teaching of the knowledge of all the "past" Masters that this planet has known. The Master Sananda - Jesus; Shadarta - Guatama Buddha; The Count St Germain; Dwhal Kul the Tibetan; Kuthumi as Francis of Assisi; and so on. As we make this connection to the collective consciousness of the Ascended Master,

i.e. Shamballa, we are impulse with the wisdom and insights to make a difference to our lives. Practical information, and above all energetic initiations into your Heart and Light Body are the essential part of this workshop.

There is no order in which you need to do these workshops nor is there a requirement to do all of them. They will weave with and enhance any other work that you have done. It is like a jigsaw with many, many pieces and you can choose how to create your picture. And there is only one rule.

"It is LOVE that is the Creator, weaver and glue that binds it all together"