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As we experience in that initiation that Eternal still point of pure beingness which is Shamballa, we awaken into a knowingness, a coming home. This experience is the doorway into living as Ascended Beings here, now! Of experiencing the promise of Heaven on Earth.

In the workshop we also describe the essence of each dimensional level and give an in-depth understanding of how we live and experience existence on each of these dimensions.

This gives the participants both the energetic codes, initiations and the knowledge of how to live here now as the Ascended Masters that we truly are.

This exquisite vibration of Shamballa that is above the level of the Ascended Master level had not been experienced on earth since early Atlantian time until our workshop in Austin Texas USA in October 2005. This was an unexpected result of Christine and Kevin uniting their energies for this workshop and channelling it through the Angelic Realms.

In our Shamballa Workshop a space is created which opens up the invitation to let all struggle go NOW.

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