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The New Shamballa - The Realisation of Heaven on Earth - Living as a Master

The 13 dimensions of creation and 13 attunements to the Energy of the Unconditional Love of each dimension.

There are no prerequisites for this class

This is a certificated workshop confirming the participant as a multi dimensional healer. For those fulfilling the criteria on the web site a teaching certificate will be given. There is a free work book and teacher's manual available.

For 2012 and beyond all we need is Love

Enlightenment and Ascension is the apparent process of reversing the fall from Oneness. We have been sold the ideas that we are not good enough and need to heal or improve. You are Divinely perfect now, but do you really believe this? LOVE: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the opening to see this. That is the secret of Shamballa and the revealing of this secret is the gift of this workshop.

Love is the gateway to Freedom 

New in 2012: We have always included a connection to the Inner Earth known as ‘Agarta’ but I believe that there will be a deeper connection made and that something new will happen in the workshop.

The Dimensions: There is a lot of confusion and miss-information about the nature of the different dimensions. A clear understanding of creation bring s a firm bases for all spiritual philosophies giving you the foundation for your own spiritual understanding and freedom. Knowledge is power taking you out of the fear of the unknown and false obstacles to your own truth. Knowing how multi-dimensional we really are brings clarity and power and freedom form fear.

Your Galactic Family : There is a great deal of wisdom, Love and support waiting when we re-connect to our Galactic Family. They are part of our ancestors.

Channelling: Learn to be a clear channel.

It is a continual amazing to me that I have been honoured with the gift of presenting this unique workshop.  I accept this honour and gift which has been confirmed in many ways during my life, including a very special initiation and naming when taking the Sannyasin oath in India.

The ascension process that is taking place for this planet and humanity at the moment, is due to an astrological alignment which has caused our solar system to be flooded with the same light energy that was here at the time of Atlantis.  We are moving into a photon band which has come from the centre of our Galaxy.  This energy can be used to create one of the two great opposites FEAR or LOVE. It simply magnifies or light up what is already in our consciousness.  Fear creates the evolution of separation; the evolution of separation creates Ego.  The choice that was made around 13,000 years ago, which created the fall of Atlantis, was to choose Ego.

Part of the ascension process, which will continue for some time, is the opportunity to choose again, individually and collectively!

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