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In the apparent chaos of the world at the moment, it is vital that we have the resources and information required to rise above it and learn how to “realise” heaven on earth.  This is the process of the ascension and it is only through each of us acting and living as spiritual warriors that this, indeed, can actually take place.

For all of those seeking self-knowledge these initiations truly sever our connections to attachment.
A deep esoteric understanding of the nature of dimensional reality is also given.
The 1st dimension of gravity is the pull to the still small point.
The 2nd dimension of the devic and elemental kingdom.
The 3rd dimension as the materialisation of Divine design and geometries.
The 4th dimension of the emotional body and gateway to spiritual wisdom.
The 5th dimension of mind and this creative potential through love, overlighted by Palladian consciousness.
The 6th dimension held by Syrian consciousness of the divine archetypes.
The 7th dimension of the sound of the spheres generated by our galactic cycles.
The 8th dimension of the language of light.
The 9th dimension of eternal Samadhi.
The 10th dimension with the knowing of the divine self.
The 11th dimension with the information highways of light.
The 12th dimension and the becoming of oneness.
The 13th dimension of completion and new beginnings.

For all of those seeking self-knowledge the initiations in this workshop sever connections in consciousness to our attachment. Indeed there is seen to be no self.

Facilitated by Christine Core, co-founder with her husband Kevin of Angelic Reiki.