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Have you ever dreamt of the most beautiful planet where mankind and nature live in harmony, where the colour of the flowers, grass, trees and birds are so vibrant that they emit an iridescent glow that you can nearly hear?

Where the water is so pure and full of energy it slips over the stones like sparkling silk.

A place where you can communicate with the animals and feel the Love of the trees emanating from them as you pass. A place where love, compassion and acceptance is the order of the day.

A place of equality and abundance, creativity and song. A place where dreams manifest.

Perhaps there is a part of you that does not feel that this is even possible.

The Ascended Masters, those men and women who have lived on this earth and Love us unconditionally, hold such a place in their consciousness in the Etheric in the place we know as the Himalayas . We call it Shamballa.

Remember if we can hold a thought we hold the possibility. "Nothing is, but thinking makes it so" (Shakespeare / Saint Germain)

This workshop is about making a real connection to Shamballa and to the Ascended Masters.

If you have ever wanted this dream to come true, and start to integrate it into your life now, or desired a closer contact with the Ascended masters these attunement are the energetic and consciousness connection that you seek .