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Feedback from the Shamballa Workshop, South Africa.  August 2008

Christine created a dedicated space and nurturing environment in which to allow the Divine order to be revealed, to remember our oneness in consciousness with all, to connect with our star seed origins and to expose the illusion in a practical and fun manner.  I am deeply grateful for her delightfully articulated guidance to help us to tap into our connection.

I have learnt so much more than expected and I felt a tremendous shift in my perception, to recognise with the reverance the Divinity of others and in all of creation.  I have been gifted with new knowledge and practical tools including a profound yet simple healing modality, and channelling ability, to allow me to integrate and express my now expanded awareness and create a new reality reflecting who I Really Am.

I sincerely thank Kevin and Christine Core will be in the core teachers to humanity; the fundamental, central to further our understanding of creation, Divine order and our role within it.  The fruits of their labours seeding the truth for nurturing the fertile minds of their students, and dissemination to complete the cycle.


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